Sunday, February 28, 2010

Big Big Boy Undies

On Saturday night we had the Felshaws, Jenkins, Jason Warner, and Tyson Forbush over for dinner and they were helping us put up our fence. We had originally planned on doing tin foil dinners, but the rain had different plans. While we were eating our skillet tin foil dinner John had an accident and peed in his big boy underwear. Well the Felshaws didn't have a spare, so Andrew called John into our room. John came walking out with man whitey tightys on. It was pretty hilarious! After a few pictures John put his pants back on and kept on playing. Then a little while later John came waddeling in with a weird expression. Immediatly Meredith asks, "John did you poop?" John hid his face in shame and I started laughing. Then I mentioned to Mereding (who was feeding Kellen at the time) that somebody should grab him before the poop falls out of the underwear and onto the floor because of how baggy the underwear was...too late! The poop had fallen out of the underwear and slid down his leg onto our carpet. I started laughing so hard that I started crying and I couldn't breathe. Most people would look at that as a bad thing, but I was glad it happened because I haven't laughed that hard in a long time and it felt good : ) Enjoy the sexy pictures of the Big Big Boy Undies...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Nighttime Wiggels

Last night I put Olivia to bed around 9pm. She slept for about 30 minutes, so I went in and put her binkey back in and she drifted back to sleep for about 5 minutes and started crying. She usually just goes to sleep and is out for a few hours so I thought maybe she needed to be changed. I pulled her out of her swing (where she sleeps everynight) and laid her on the floor to change her. When I did that she started smiling, moving her arms and legs, and cooing. She was all excited about something, so I thought I would let her do her thing for a while and I left the room. She then started screaming, so I went back in, and what do you know the kid started smiling and being all wiggely. So I brought my pillow and blanket into the room and slept on her floor for half the night. I was annoyed, but everytime I looked at her I couldn't be upset because she was being so darn cute. I should have gotten my camera and gotten a video, but instead I laid on the floor trying to sleep over her talking, haha.