Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alot of Work!


Our yard is finally starting to look nice! We bought the house in April 2009 as a foreclosure and the place was a dump. It may look like it had grass, but those are just all weeds. The picture makes it look better than it was, trust me. I have put up before and after pics of the inside in earlier posts, but after tons of shoveling, bringing in load after load of gravel, putting in a sprinkler system, seeding and waiting for grass, putting up a new fence, ripping out a chunk of the old driveway and pouring new concrete, and lots of plants here is the outcome (still needs more work, but thats ok).


another before

and after

There is still alot of work to be done, but it's getting there : )

Friday, July 16, 2010


So last night as Andrew and I were just laying down to go to bed a familiar noise came through the baby monitor. Olivia woke up. So I went in to put the plug back in when I heard voices outside her window and then someone running by the of my house. I peeked through the curtains and saw some teenagers in a car pull up. I was thinking, oh no you are not going to vandalize my house! No eggs, no TP, no nothing. So I started for my front door and I saw the person run right by my front window and when I opened the door he turned around and darted back the way he came. Then I heard police sirens and thought, oh great! It's always my house! I started looking around and Andrew came out with his mag light. We were looking around for a little while and when I went to put my shoes on Andrew flashed the culprit. He jumped up as quick as a puma and threw his hands in the air and said "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, we are playing fugitive, its a game!" The poor kid looked terrified. We started laughing and told him that we love that game and used to run through peoples yards too. We told him that the baby woke up and that's why we came out. As we were talking to the kid a car drove up and that was the end of his running, he was caught because of us. He was hidden so well that we didn't see him and he was right next to us, laying on some gravel. He was good! He didn't shift the whole time we were out there and I don't think we would have ever known he was there if Andrew hadn't moved the flashlight there. When Andrew and I climbed back in bed we were laughing and then said how sad it is that if you see teenagers out in your yard you automatically think they are up to no good and not that they are just playing a harmless game of fugitive.