Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Utah Trip

This weekend we went to Utah for our niece's baby blessing. Andrew's sister Jessica came out for a visit, and it was so much fun to see her. We gave Teresa a break and took the kids to the Hogal Zoo. Olivia liked it alot more than the last time she went, although alot of the animals still scared her. They have a life size T-Rex that moves and roars and she just about had a heartattack. Her whole body would tense up and she would scream everytime it would roar. After the zoo we went to Sonic for Happy Hour and got limeaides and slushes, our favorite : )

Olivia picked up a new ride while in Utah. She thought she would give us a break and drive home for us. We got alot of weird looks as we drove home with this on our car. It looks like a real car now with all the bugs on the front

My cake I was so proud of. I made it for our Girls Camp Dessert Auction. It was so much fun to make!

Our most recent project is coming along. It is going to be so nice to have a garage! A place to put all of our stuff. Olivia loves being out there and helping her Dad.

One Sunday afternoon Andrew went to take a nap and I was reading my book and noticed Olivia had wandered off somewhere in the house. No biggie, she can go and play and leave me be. After not seeing her for about half an hour, I thought I'd better go and check on her. I walked down the hall and noticed her door was closed. I opened the door and found this. She must have been really tired or bored. She didn't cry at all, just grabbed her blanket and layed down for a snooze.

Our little boy is now 23 weeks along and starting to get big. I'm really starting to get the pregnant belly instead of the I just look like I've gained weight belly. Seeing our niece Amelia who is 2 months reminded me of how small they are. And I am not looking forward to my jealous Olivia meeting her new brother. I held Amelia for a couple of minutes this weekend and Olivia freaked! I'm sure if she could talk she would have said, "Hey! I'm the baby!" So we will see how it goes in October.