Thursday, May 20, 2010

Need Better Diapers!

A company needs to make blowout proof diapers! For some reason everytime Olivia poops now she needs a bath and a new outfit...and I am tired of it. Here is just a little preview of what we are talking about

And that is a smaller one, sometimes it gets all in her hair trying to get the shirt off. YUCK!

Monday, May 3, 2010


I love spring time! My tulips are out (even though they were ravaged by a fierce wind storm) and the leaves on the trees are popping out. I decided to get some chicks this year and see if I like having chickens as pets. I am crossing my fingers that we didn't get any roosters. We had John over, our 2 year old friend, and I asked him what the chickens names were. All light chickens were just chickens but the black one was Mosher(Moe-sure). I don't know why, but he loves that one. Olivia doesn't really care about the chickens. We took the little chicks outside yesterday and they had alot of fun. At first Andrew just brought one chicken out and put him in the yard, he was terrified. I decided I would bring his friends out to play so I grabbed their box and walked outside. When the lone chick heard his friends he came running to me so he could be with his friends. It was pretty easy to watch them because they always stayed together and never ventured out on their own. It was pretty fun playing with them in the warm sunny weather.