Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In our kitchen the faucet had a leak. At first it was just a little drip, so I thought no big deal. But when Andrew went to class Monday night at 6pm the water drip turned into a steady stream. I took it upon myself to try and fix it, all of Andrew’s tools were out from working on other things in the house. So I started messing with it and I was able to tighten something down and it brought the stream back to a drip. Mission accomplished I thought…no. After I put the handles back on the stream came back. So I thought to myself, it worked last time, maybe it just needs to be a little tighter. Unfortunately the shut off valves to the sink our really old and won’t turn, so at this point the water is still on. When I started to tighten the handle again something popped off and all of a sudden scalding hot water was shooting out of where the handle is supposed to be. Lucky for me we had the plumber out who showed me where the emergency shut off valve to our house is. I ran to it and turned the water off (even thought it takes forever for that knob to turn all the way off). When I got back into the kitchen everything was soaked! I thought to myself, its only 7 I can have this fixed before Andrew gets home. Oh how wrong I was. I went to Wal-Mart (the only place open that had a kitchen faucet) and bought a new faucet. I came home and started to take off the old and broken faucet. Since it is so old I couldn’t unscrew anything. I used half a bottle of lime away trying to unclog everything, but it didn’t work. I waited until Andrew got home at 10pm. I was worried he was going to be angry since he has to get up at 4:30 every morning and now I was making him stay up even later. He just laughed a little and took his angle grinder to the screws and tore the old faucet apart. He got it off and hooked up our new one. Now there is no drip : )


We made it to the first year mark as of Sunday April 26th. A lot has happened in those 365 days. First we were married in Utah and after spending a few weeks with family we went back to school. Summer semester we moved into a town home, camped for 7 weeks and then were separated for 7 weeks. During fall semester we moved to Heartland apartments third floor, for some reason I remember the move very well but Andrew can’t seem to remember it…oh yeah that’s because he was in NV and I moved our stuff up 3 flights with the help of Brent and Jess. When apple season came around we learned how to make applesauce and Andrew made a lot of it and I burned a lot of it. We finished up school and we both graduated with our bachelors degree in geology and Andrew got a job with Marigold Mine. After graduation we went and spent Christmas with the Backmans and were able to go to Hawaii for the first time. After Hawaii we moved to Winnemucca, NV. I found a job in town working with the disabled people in Winnemucca and I love it. While in Nevada we lived in the Marigold company trailer, Val-U Motel, the Felshaw’s guest room above their garage, and finally our HOUSE! Our house is so much fun even though we have already had a plumber come out twice and bought a new water heater (the first time the plumber came out he turned our water on while it was raining…when it stopped raining our water heater which is under the house kept making puddles, hence the need for the plumber the second time). So in 12 months we have moved 9 times, graduated college, got jobs, bought a house, and a lot more. Our first year has been a busy one and I am sure our next one will be just as busy and fun!

Wedding day April 26, 2008

Field Camp 2008

Making applesauce

Graduation December 12, 2008

Moving from Rexburg...goodbye stuff until we meet again in 4 months

Christmas 2008 at Backmans. Sam and Andrew picked out the tree

Hawaii January 2009

Welcome to Winnemucca January 24, 2009

Our home for 5 weeks, the Val-U Motel

Our house April 24, 2009

Flowers at our house

Thursday, April 9, 2009


As many of you may or may not know, Andrew and I have been living in the Val-U Motel for the past couple of weeks and for the next week or two. This is how we got ourselves in this predicament. When we moved to Winnemucca, NV Andrew’s company set us up in their company trailer for 30 days or until someone new comes in. Well since a lot of the mines aren’t really hiring right now we thought we would be safe staying in the trailer until we got into our house…but we were wrong. We were told that someone was coming to stay in the trailer and we had to be out at the end of the week. Well at this point we had made an offer on the Hoskins house and were waiting for our closing date, April 15th. We looked for an apartment, but nobody wants to rent to you for a month except for motels. So here we are living in the Val U Motel until our house closes which could be as late as the 21st now. I know everyone is jealous and wishes they could live the life of luxury…room service, free breakfast (which consists of toast and stale muffins), ice machines (which is broken), pool (which is closed for winter), and all that fun stuff! I would post a picture of this place, but every time I try to upload pictures the internet here doesn’t allow it, but when we are out of here I will try to put one up so you all can see how classy we have been living.