Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I went in for my ultrasound and she is just fine. What a difference having a REALLY nice ultrasound machine makes. She has plenty of fluid and her tummy is measuring perfect. It said she was measuring at 38weeks and 2 days...which was right on. And she is definitely an Olivia and not Oliver, thank goodness! I guess she is going to be tall because at both of my recent ultrasounds they said, "she's going to be tall, is the father tall?" Now Andrew is asking me, "Is the father tall?" He thinks he's so funny (probably because he is).

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Amniotic fluid

On Thursday I was supposed to leave for Seattle at 2:35...but of course Reno is lame and my flight was delayed until almost 5. Our plane finally arrived and as we were taking off Olivia went NUTS! She didn't stop kicking and moving until the plane leveled out at its cruising altitude. Then as we were landing, same thing! I just about peed my pants and if the decent were any longer I probably would have from her kicking my bladder so hard. So the plane landed and I was so happy to be in Seattle. Then over the intercom they told us we might want to sit down because they can't pull the jet way up because there has been a security breech in the terminal (isn't that what the security check point is for?) So I got to sit on the plane for another 15 minutes thinking, just let me off the plane and I will kill whoever is causing this stupid security thing. But I made it home : )
Friday morning I went to my new doctor who is going to deliver Olivia. After about 15 minutes she had already talked to me more than my Dr in Winnemucca did the whole 8 months I saw him. As she was doing an ultrasound on my belly she found out it was a BOY! Just kidding! But she did find that her abdomen is measuring at about 35 weeks and she said she didn't see enough amniotic fluid. So I have to go in tomorrow for another ultrasound in the hospital, because I guess sometimes the baby will shift and they can find more amniotic fluid. But if they don't find anymore they might have to take her early C-section. The problem with not having enough fluid is her umbilical cord can get pinched so she doesn't get enough nutrients and oxygen. She said that everything else looks really healthy and that if she were stressed she wouldn't be doing some of the things she saw, so that's a good sign. They did a stress test to see how her heart rate was doing. I guess baby's hearts will spike and then calm down and spike and calm down, to practice for when you get scared and your heart rate goes up. So they strapped the machine to my belly and I sat there for about 15 minutes listening to her heart beat. After a while her heartbeat didn't spike, so the Dr got this little buzzer thing and said she was going to put it on my belly to wake her up. The Dr tested it on me and that's all it took, her heart rate went zooming up from 145 to about 175 (the highest it went the whole time). So all she needed was the threat of being buzzed, it was pretty funny.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Because I am leaving Dec 10th to go to Seattle, I decided that I didn't need to get a Christmas tree this year. I was a little sad about it, but okay with it because I will be gone for most of the month. But as I was talking to my tenant, she asked if I had a tree and told me that she had an extra one. So she brought it over and gave us a 6 ft fake christmas tree. I was so excited! Andrew and I went to Wal-Mart and bought some lights. It only has one ornament from my mom that says Baby's First Christmas...but it's still so much fun to have a tree up! I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME!