Sunday, December 11, 2011

Question when will Brooke update the blog next?

I don't really know how this whole blogging thing works-- but I figured that since Mason was born 2 months ago there has been a steady decline in blogs.

Oh and just to let you know Mr. Blog page thingy, don't feel too bad. At least you are not the chickens which have also been forgotten about. Kinda makes you concerned that if another kid is ever born Olivia might too get forgotten. Olivia if you are reading this you might want to start preparing to fend for yourself. I'll try and keep the pantry stocked with easy Mac; if only the microwave wasn't so high.

Olivia got a nice taste of Snow. She wasn't too sure about the skiing, but did like slidding on her bum.

Also Olivia has finally had success in her ability to jump. Previously she could 'jump' but never actually was able to get off the ground.

Olivia's Aunts have decided that in case she has to start cooking for herself they might as well show her how it's done. She seems to be having some trouble with the difference between baking powder and baking soda.

Oliva has also learned how to decorate her brother.