Sunday, July 31, 2011

Our Summer So Far

It has been a pretty good summer so far. Our garage is coming along. The garage door is in, but due to technical difficulties we are waiting for more hinges in the mail so that the garage door can be functional. We started putting up siding yesterday and worked until about noon, then decided it was too darn hot to be working outside in the sun. But we are hoping to have all the siding done by labor day weekend so we can paint the house. After the house is painted we just have a little bit more landscaping to do in the backyard and around the garage and our house will be finished! Well at least it won't look so junky, I don't think our house will ever be finished : ) But I am really excited to have our house painted, and hopefully the color we picked out will look better than the awful blue it is right now.

As for other summer happenings, my brother Jordan was married in the Salt Lake Temple June 17th. Olivia had fun playing with all of her relatives on the temple grounds while we waited for the newlyweds to come out the doors for pictures. We stayed in Winnemucca for 4th of July this year. I am to cheap to pay for a 4th shirt for Olivia, so I made her one out of a cut off onesie and sharpies. It looked pretty good until she started drooling, drinking, and eating. We had our friends over for a BBQ and then watched the fireworks. I was pretty impressed with the fireworks, I was expecting a really lame show, but Winnemucca came through. Liv kept saying "Wow!" It was a fun day.

Olivia had her friends over for a fingerpainting party. The three didn't really care to much about the fingerpainting, but they had fun playing in the backyard together, especially when the hose got turned on to wash them and all of the toys.

I was able to go up to Rexburg for my 2nd cousins wedding. It was so much fun to go back there. Alot has changed! Alot of my family was there so it was fun to spend a weekend with them and to be in Rexburg. I went into the Geology department and Olivia liked looking at the rocks and the fish that they have in the museum. I guess it runs in the family.

The biggest bummer of our summer was the Jenkins moving to Texas. Olivia and Elena were like sisters (they even shared the same birthday). I think Olivia thought that Chayla was her second mother because when I went to Girls Camp for a week she stayed at the Jenkins house. Andrew would pick her up at night for a couple of hours, but because he gets up at 4:30am to go to work, Olivia spent the night at the Jenkins house too. When I came home I thought Olivia would be sooo excited to see me and would have missed me. But no...she was more excited to see her van and wanted to play in it instead of giving me a hug. I was a little hurt, but I was glad that she wasn't sad while I was gone. The girls had alot of fun together even though they were constantly fighting. Olivia has asked for Elena just about every day this week, which makes me miss Chayla, so it has been a rough week : ) We will miss them very much!