Saturday, February 21, 2009


Since I am still unemployed I decided to take up a new hobby…quilting! I finally finished it and I think it turned out pretty cute considering the limited supply of fabric at WallyMart and that I have never quilted before in my life! Andrew helped the first day or two when he didn’t have work. It was a fun thing to do to keep me busy.


Moving to Winnemucca has been an experience, especially looking for a house. Back in November when we looked at houses for the first time I thought, who are these people?! because some of the weird quirks in their homes. We are still on the hunt and here are two of the recent homes we have looked at, both of which are foreclosures.

Shepard House
So this house is a little more expensive and is also in a little bit better shape. We really liked it but it has been pulled off the market, so we are waiting for it to come back on.

Hoskins House
For some reason I really liked this house, I don’t know why. I love the bathroom, I think it is so cute! This house comes with an apartment that is sealed off from the house, which we could rent out and make a little extra cash which is a plus. Also I think it comes with a cat, haha! I think the people who had to leave there home can’t have animals or something because there is a little bed set up for the cat in a utility closet outside and it has been there every time I have been to the house. I think someone is feeding it though, but who knows, maybe it will become ours, haha! Unfortunately neither Andrew or I like cats, but Andrew said he can stick around outside if he takes care of any rodents : )
This is the cat hut


Andrew and I went to Hawaii Jan 10-19, 2009 with the Backman fam. It was so much fun! Before we left, during the packing frenzy, Andrew tucked a stow-away into Jord's backpack. On the flight Jord found the stow-awayed chicken (don't worry it was fake!) and we decided to make a travel log of the chicken. Here were some of Chicken Joe's highlights of the trip...
Well the chicken was not the only one at Hawaii, there were 15 of us actually. My parents (Bret and Ruth), their parents (Ray, Shirley, and Dorth), my aunt and uncle (Steve and Sheri), all my siblings (Andy, Ashley, Jord, Sam, and Dani) Ashley's grandmother (Sybil, or Stella to my mother, and whatever name Dorth fancied to call her), then Andrew and me. While we were in Hawaii we stayed on O'ahu first and then we went to Kaua'i. We did alot of beach time, and I think I may have gotten over my fear of the ocean (I've watched to many Shark Weeks on discovery channel). Other highlights of the trip were a beautiful hike that we did, unfortunately it was cut short, but it was still fun. We also went to the Polynesian Cultural Center which was fun. Hawaii was a blast and we had so much fun being in nice weather and good company.