Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This morning I woke up around 6, ate breakfast, then went outside to pull weeds for about 30 minutes until the sun started making me hot. So I came back into the house and cleaned up a little bit, vacummed, put stuff away, the usual. Then I got ready to go to work. Went out to my car and found that an un-opened pop can had burst and blew pop all over my car, I hate the desert! I didn't have time to clean it up and my car is a mess anyway from our recent roadtrip to Minnesota. I arrived at work and it seemed like everyone I was working with was in a bad mood because they had all just gotten back from their trip to Lagoon and nobody wanted to be at work. All of them were agitated and everywhere and got into everything. Then one of the clients pooped his pants so his staff brought him home to change and I had all three crazy boys. Then she got back and we noticed that one of the clients didn't have the right meds for noon, so she left again leaving me with all 4 boys (it was lunch time so they were mostly occupied with lunch...until they finished). So after lunch everyone went back to work and one of the clients was sitting in a corner doing his own thing, until I realized he had taken out his meds from his backpack and was overdosing...so he went to the hospital while I went with someone else to his Dr appointment. The client I took to the Dr appointment was way aggitated and didn't want to be there AT ALL. He doesn't talk much, but I know his mannerisms enough to know he was pretty ticked off at me and wanted to leave. So after finally being done at the Dr's I brought him back and now I just realized that I forgot to pick up the eviction papers that were served to our tenants who are currently in jail, so I am off to the sherrifs office. AWESOME DAY!