Tuesday, September 29, 2009


After all summer of waiting our corn was in need of being harvested...badly! Andrew and I didn't know when corn is ready so yesterday he went out and picked all of our corn, most of which was getting old. So we decided to make freezer corn out of it. We ended up with a pretty good crop. While Andrew was out in the garden he found a zucchini that was hiding from us all summer. Our garden was alot of fun this year and it is coming to an end, we are supposed to get a pretty good frost this week : (

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Yesterday I finally did it, I had my first yard sale. But unlike most yard sales, I didn't sell anything that I purchased. The people who were in our apartment and left all of their stuff made me about $120...well sort of...it makes up for all the utility bills they left for us. But I got rid of all of their stuff. A gal came by earlier in the day and was interested in all the clothes I was selling for 25 cents each. She bought about $5 worth of clothes and said she would come back. When my yard sale was just about done she came with a 20 dollar bill and asked if she could have all the clothes. I told them go right ahead. She explained to me that she has a ton of family and friends who really need clothes and blankets. I am really glad that she came back and that the clothes and blankets went somewhere useful rather than the dump. Then another lady paid me $10 for all the stuff left at the yard sale. I didn't want to do the yard sale another day (especially since all the clothes were gone and that's where I made most of my money) and the two thrift stores in town are not accepting donations. So I let that lady take the rest of it. It was a pretty productive day;I made $120, helped people, and got rid of all the stuff in the cargo trailer (which is going to be used to help some people move in the next 2 weeks).

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Lately I have been dreaming alot. Usually I am such a deep sleeper that I don't recall any of my dreams, but not this week.
Dream #I had a dream where my ultrasound tech was wrong and I had everything all ready for our little "girl" which wasn't so girly afterall, she was a he! In my dream I had made everything in the nursery pink, but in real life everything is going to be neutral so that if we have a little boy in the future I won't have to change a thing. I'm pretty sure its going to be a girl though : )
Dream #2 So Andrew and I apparently got in with the wrong crowd and we tried robbing a bank with 2 other people. As we were putting the money into the get away car the two others sped off in the car leaving us stranded and we got arrested. Then somehow my bike was outside of the jail and we somehow escaped on my bike. Then Andrew said we needed to seperate and I should fly home to WA and he would go to MN. So while in the airport I went to check in and I didn't have my licencse (it was at the jail), but they let me through anyway. Then the dream changed from Western bank robbing to a horror film. All of a sudden we were in a creepy train station type place and there were these creatures crawling on the ceiling that were eating people. But I was smart and instead of going with the cops who always get eaten in movies I went and hid by myself and then I woke up (I think the last part has to do with watching the X-Files recently)
Dream #3 I guess polygamy came back and Andrew got a second wife. My dream was on their wedding day and Andrew didn't talk to me the whole day. So I packed up my things and took the car and left him. Because the car is in Andrew's name he called the cops and reported it missing so I got pulled over because I was driving a stolen car. I told the cop he could have the stupid car. I woke up as Andrew was getting ready at 4:30 am. I told him I was really mad at him (and I really was). He says I have dreams like that because he is such a perfect husband I have to dream of him doing bad things...I laughed and went back to bed.