Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It’s begun…our house has turned into project headquarters. We are starting with the kitchen. Turns out the heating duct didn’t work in the kitchen (inspector didn’t catch that) so Andrew cut a hole in our floor and went down to take a look. Found the problem…a dead cat was under the house. We think a cat was under there and knocked all the ducts loose (because the morons who built the house didn’t tape them together). So he fixed that and insulated the walls. Andrew spent a lot of time down there and said it was really bad because he had to exhale to move. While down there he found some buried treasure, a really old Pepsi can in almost perfect condition. Another hidden treasure we found was that underneath the laminate floors is a real hard wood floor! We were pretty excited about that one, the house finally gave us a good surprise : ) We hope to have our kitchen finished by the end of the month, keeping our fingers crossed.
Ripping out the cabinets to make room for our Ikea ones
Andrew underneath the house in the "crawl space"
The cool Pepsi can Andrew found
Putting insulation down the hole for Andrew
Uncovering the hard wood floors