Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A little of everything

Olivia and I got back from Lake Powell about a week ago. Andrew stayed home and worked and I ditched him as always. We had lots of fun and Liv loved the boat rides.

Olivia playing with Elmo

I think summer is finally over. It has stopped being in the 90's this week and has been raining off and on. Our chickens don't really like the rain. Mosher's "hair" cracked me up because it looked like a girl who spent alot of time on her hair and then went out in the rain haha. Poor Mosher. Our chickens have finally started being useful though. For about a month we only had one chicken laying an egg a day. But now I think 4 out of the 7 are laying because yesterday I found 4 eggs and today I found 3.

Olivia never fails to make us laugh. Today she has been slapping her head over and over again...I don't really know what she is doing, but whatever haha. Well that's some updates on what has been going on in the last little bit.