Friday, October 31, 2008

Table Rock

Andrew and I decided to go hike Table Rock and it was pretty fun...except for about an hour of absolute misery! So the reason why we hiked Table Rock on October 24th and not in the summer is because Andrew has always wanted to hike it and we are leaving Rexburg in December (yippee!). The adventure started at 7 am (it was supposed to start at 6:30 but somebody couldn't get out of bed...and no it wasn't me, it was Brian). We left here and got an AWESOME sight of the Tetons with the sun coming up. We got to the parking lot and I was considering just bringing one coat because it was fairly warm and I knew I would shed layers as we hiked, but I brought all the layers I had anyway. We started up around 8:30 and it was beautiful!
We kept hiking up and up and then the snow came, this is when it turns from fun to alright. Then we got on a ridge and could see Table Rock and I was thinking "We are almost there!" Oh how I was wrong! The snow got deeper which slowed down the hiking, but I had a really strong wind at my back helping me to hike right? The wind wasn't trying to freeze my arms off, it was just trying to help...yeah right! This is when it turned from alright to miserable! The closer we got the colder it got but we finally made it to the top. It is gorgeous up there! We ate lunch up there and froze to death trying to take a picture. So I was the slow one going up, but heading down I was ready to be out of the wind and in the trees so I zoomed down. Once we were out of the frigid weather the trip turned back from miserable to fun. So after this story I would not advise anyone to hike Table Rock in October, I would recommend July or August!