Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Almost Done

I have less than a week left of work until I officially quit, but I have already turned over all of my duties over to the people I have been training, so really it's like I have already quit. I thought I would be really excited about leaving, but I am starting to get a little sad.
Things I will NOT miss:
1. Being called right after the pharmacy closes to let me know that someone is out of meds
2. Wiping the butts of grown men
3. Having my hair pulled, being slapped, pushed, punched, and screamed at
4. Being interupted at dinner to have to rush to the pharmacy before they close
5. Going to the pharmacy just about everyday
6. Having poop smeared on me

Things I will miss:
1. Angel aka Meho saying "I want you to sit down please"
2. Deandra teling me I'm pretty
3. David's quiet chuckles to himself
4. Eric telling me he watched Bob Bark and that someone won a car
5. Cody screaming "DANGER" and "I wanna go home" everywhere we go
6. John saying Hi to me until I respond to him
7. Lena's cackle
8. Erin letting me know about all her Dr appointments and meds (like I don't know already : )
9. Blane singing Happy Birthday
10. Cheryl always asking me "How you doing girl" and walking me to the car when its dark
11. All the clients at Sonoma Industries treating me like a celebrity when I walk in the door

Some of my favorite memories of working with the clients:
1. Music in the background--Go Shorty, it's your birthday, were gonna party like its your birthday and Meho shouting "DECEMBER" because thats when his birthday is
2. Going to Denny's with Cody and having some strangers pay for our lunch even though Cody was screaming at the top of his lungs the whole time we were there
3. Cody screaming "Donna!" at Donna's memorial service as all the ballons were floating up to her in heaven with everyones notes attached to the ballons
4. Blane getting hit in the head and getting really angry at the automatic closing hatch on the car

As much as I complained about my job, I really grew to love all of the clients (even though we are not friends, we are staff).