Monday, August 3, 2009


Here are a few updates going on in our lives.
1. It's a girl! Andrew and I found out that we are going to be having a little baby girl. We are still thinking of a name, even though we have had lots of help thinking of one. One of the girls I work with who is disabled thinks Octavia Universe Smith sounds adorable...I have to think about that one a little more ha ha! Then my sister Sam thought Catherine Abagail Jessica would be a good name. So until we get that figured out she will still be Pinto for now.
2. Eviction! On Friday our Tantrum Crooks (name given by Sam) were officially evicted. I felt pretty powerful with two Sherrif Deputies with me while I was changing the locks...once they left I felt like a little school girl dodging the bullies on the playground. They didn't pack up one thing except for their TV. So this week Andrew and I get to go through all of their crap and inventory it and keep it for 30 days by law. If they want to get anything out they have to pay a reasonable storage fee (we are saying $15 a day) and then they can get some stuff. After 30 days anything they left becomes ours...or mostly it will be in the possesion of the dump. But we are so glad to have them gone! Now we won't have the cops at our place once a week (which I was told by the deputy that 5 times in one month isn't bad for them, SERIOUSLY?!) Now we are trying to get the missionaries to be our tenants, that way cops will never be there, they won't be home all day and will go to bed early, cigarette smoke wont be wafting into our house. We are really hoping it will work out.
3. Utah. We went to Utah this past weekend for a baby blessing, birthday party, and to see the Backman fam. We had alot of fun, especially hanging out with Sammy. On Sunday she was hilarious! After eating dinner she cleared everyones plates and my grandpa said to save your forks for dessert. Sam wouldn't have anything to do with that, they were dirty and we needed fresh forks! She yelled at my grandpa "Seriously though!" Never heard that one before. Then she dropped something and made this face and said "My Bad!" I didn't know if I would ever breathe again I was laughing so hard. I love that girl and miss all the funny things she does.

So now we are back in Winnemucca until September when we are going up to WA for labor day, so anyone is invited to stop by anytime they want : )