Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why I love the Dump!

Andrew and I went to our favorite store in Winnemucca again...the DUMP! We go to the dump at least every other week, I guess that's what happens when you are pretty much flipping a house. We always find all sorts of treasures up there. I just used our Scott's spreader to Weed and Feed my yard this weekend. My chickens use a barrel we found there as their waterer. Our friends sat on our bench in the backyard today that we got at the dump. The list goes on and on. But we found the all time best dump find the other day...OUR DUMP COUCH! So we went to the dump as usual and when we got there we saw this couch that was upside down. So we unloaded our load and flipped the couch over, and it looked pretty good. We started looking for the cushions and found all but one. We decided to just leave and forget about it. So on our way back to town we saw the cushion on the side of the road! So we pulled into a construction site that was close by and pulled some debris out of their dumpster and loaded up our truck for our second load. We hurried back to the dump because it was almost closing time. Andrew told the lady that we lost part of our load (which wasn't a lie because a cardboard box fell out while driving back to the dump). As I unloaded the back of the truck, Andrew hurried and put the couch in the bed of the truck and we took off. We stopped on our way back to town and picked up the last cushion. We felt like such rednecks! We got the couch home and I pulled out the carpet cleaner and used the upholstery attachment and cleaned that baby up and look at it now! Just like new!

It doesn't have any legs, so we need to either make some, buy some, or find some at the dump haha! But it's super comfy! I took a nap on it today and let me tell ya, that was a pretty nice nap. Once our under construction family room is finished we are going to put it back there. Some people think we are ridiculous...but hey, I got a free couch and I am helping to save the earth! Just looking after our home, the good ol' earth : )