Tuesday, March 19, 2013

JD came to visit!

We had lots of fun this last week when Andrew's sister Jessica came out for a visit.  It was sooo nice to have conversations with an adult all week instead of just talking about lalaloopsies and hot dogs with my 3 year old.  And she also kept the kids busy and would watch them so I could sneak out and run errands by myself (aaahhh).  I think that one week is way to short, it went to fast.  But we had lots of fun.  We went on the "Walking Tour of Winnemucca" (in the car) which I didn't even know we had,
had tin foil dinners up Water Canyon,

went out to Unionville,

and that creepy house thing in Imlay (Thunder Mountain Indian Monument).

We tried to convince her to just miss her flight and stay another week, but that didn't work.  She went home yesterday and Olivia is already bored this morning.  But now that it's nice weather hopefully we will get our garden started and be at the park a lot more.

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