Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Lightin' struck my brain this morning.  Mason loves yogurt and he is in this the stage where he wants to do things on his own, like eating yogurt with a spoon or holding his Gogurt by himself...but it just makes such a HUGE mess!  So this morning I thought "I have that leaky Take-n-Toss sippy, why not just cut the top off and then he can "drink" his yogurt".  So I chopped off the part of the sippy that restricted the water flow, but left enough of the mouth part so he could suck his yogurt down.  I added a little splash of milk because I used Gogurt and thats a little thicker than other yogurt.  It worked GREAT!!!  Less mess than if I were to feed him because he grabs the spoon and then gets yogurt everywhere.  Why did I not think of this before with Olivia? 

Yogurt + chopped sippy = Happy independent little man

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