Friday, January 20, 2012

The Mason Update

We always thought Mason's eyes weren't acting quite right, but just thought he was a new baby and didn't have much control of his eyes. But when we were in Seattle for Christmas we found out he had cataracts. We first thought it was only in one eye, but found out later that he had congenital cataracts in both eyes. We were able to get an appointment at Primary Children's Hospital on Jan. 9th and the doctor told us he needed surgery ASAP because the brain would eventually give up and shut down that part of the brain. His first surgery was on the right eye on the 11th and then the left eye was done on the 20th. Both surgeries went really well. The doctor said that the second one was much more difficult and it took longer, but he said he got it and it turned out perfectly. When we took his patch off after his first surgery we immediately noticed a difference in his eyes. His eyes stopped bouncing and whipping back and forth. In between the surgeries we went into another doctor and had Mason fitted for hard contacts. He HATES his contacts! We will have to slowly get him used to those, and during that time he has a pair of glasses to wear. We were able to get a loaner pair until his real glasses come in. He looks pretty silly in his coke bottle glasses haha. We are just so grateful for the advances in medicine so that our little man can go through life with sight. We are so grateful for everyone keeping him and us in their prayers.

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The Woodhouse Family said...

He looks so stinkin' cute in those glasses!! I'm so glad everything went so well for him and you. Love you guys! Hope to see you soon.